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 Quintus' Gloves

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Quintus Ishida

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PostSubject: Quintus' Gloves   Quintus' Gloves EmptyThu Dec 31, 2009 10:06 pm

Name: Gift des Bluts nach innen

Bow Manifestation:

Description: the bow fires at least twenty arrows per second and has the power of a horse kick behind each one of them.


Name: Numb
Effect: By shooting arrows made of green reshi towards the opponent, once an arrow pierces any amount of flesh, it sinks into the opponent, and makes the designated area rather numb, untikl three posts afterwards it burns as if it were on fire, until the reshi reaches there limbs, disableing them.
Duration or Cooldown: duration lsts for several posts, cooldown is nine posts

Name: Tanquilizer
Effect: the arrow will pierce their flesh, and then begin driving its way towards there heart and lungs, however the arrow can be stopped if the user releases their weapon into its second/third state.
Duration or Cooldown: duration last for three posts, cooldown six posts

Name: Der Bogen vom heiligen aller Sachen

Bow Manifestation: appears to be a disk of light and fires 1200 arrows per shot

Description: 1200 arrows per shot and very little power but enough so that it feels like wooden staves beeing driven through.

Techniques: none
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Quintus' Gloves
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