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 Nobilities and Tiers

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PostSubject: Nobilities and Tiers   Nobilities and Tiers EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 1:00 pm

As i been on many sites nobility and tiers have been misused and under looked, to keep with a realistic role play is not to have over whelming posts full of detail and deep thought but its something more. Nobilities, abilities and traits are tools to match your chars style so if you chose fastest what ever then that is how your char should be rp as and those who you rp with should respect that and rp according, but as it so often seems these are under look and people get into spitting fights about it and so forth about your this and i am that so i have made a chose about how this will be fixed. Rp is about writing skilfully and with in your range of skills and as such nobilities or traits will have a very strict set of rules that must be followed for a more realistic experience in threads and posts with that being said i will post them with each race that according to my jugment and those of the staff.

Tiers are going to be a system for shinigami captains too know who is the strongest among them. For now we have Cannons which auto gain the Elite Tier title but for custom chars your Rp samples will place you in these ranks, these Elite title will only be a tool to mark who are stronger plese Rp accordingly the last thing i will say is this just because you have a trait or you are in the Elite tier does not mean your better then anyone els it mean you must post with in the means of you char and not get upset if some one who is a better writer beats you.
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Nobilities and Tiers
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